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Mobile internet access in Europe and OECD countries — over 100x price difference inside the EU
"[Digital Fuel Monitor] Research shows that users pay up to ten times more to use their smartphones in those Member States where there is no challenger to the big European operators" Joaquín Almunia, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for Competition Policy, 2013

Mobile internet access is the prime fuel of the “mobile-first and cloud-first” world. Competitively priced, anytime, anywhere mobile internet access is an essential input to all data-volume heavy mobile cloud storage, cloud computing and media streaming applications.

Technology innovation (LTE-Advanced, 5G, small cells), new radio spectrum bands (700 MHz), net neutrality regulation, mergers, new entrants, network sharing, MVNO deals, telco provisioned mobile video and cloud services, Google's and Facebook's zero-rating platforms – major, often disruptive market changes that may potentially incentivise operators to increase or decrease competition in provisioning open mobile internet access. Volume caps and provisioned speeds may go up. Though, practical experience shows that they often tend to go down.

Extensive empirical data sets (updated 2x a year): Scroll down this page to browse interactive charts benchmarking the competitiveness (prices, data caps, performance, consumption, adoption, zero-rating) of mobile internet access across countries. Click the map, the chart data points or the buttons on the left and right hand side to load the page of a specific operator group or country.

Thought provoking analysis & insights (several times a month): In addition to the raw empirical data sets on prices, data caps and other competitiveness metrics, Digital Fuel Monitor regularly releases in depth research notes to its premium subscribers. The research notes are focusing on the intersection of market, radio spectrum, technology, competition and vertical integration aspects of mobile internet access.
Monitoring competitiveness from the Finnish perspective
The Digital Fuel Monitor service is managed by the Finnish boutique management consultancy Rewheel that specialises into advising European operators, investors and regulators on competitive mobile internet-centric business models, spectrum auctions and infrastructure investments. The Finnish telecom and media regulatory authority as well as some leading Finnish mobile operators are premium subscripers of Digital Fuel Monitor.

Finland has among the lowest mobile internet usage prices, the highest mobile data consumption per capita (over ten times higher than Germany's), the highest mobile broadband population penetration, as well as among the fastest mobile broadband networks and best 4G/LTE coverage. All mobile operators in Finland abide by strict net neutrality principles: operators do not apply vertical price-discriminations.

The extensive traffic growth on Finnish 4G network is driven by the “migration of televisual and music services from television sets and music players to tablets and mobile phones” (link).

Despite the mass-affordable open mobile internet offers and very heavy mobile data traffic the Finnish telecom sector generates healthy returns for its investors (16% ROCE for the market leader operator).
Smartphone internet access speeds
Smartphone internet access prices
Data-only internet access prices
Mobile internet access market adoption
Country & operator price ranking
Research note highlights
A critical look into the uncertain future of open mobile internet access in Europe
This report has been commissioned by Viestintävirasto, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
May 2014
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