Unlimited mobile data is back
The state of 4G pricing and spectrum usage, 2nd half 2016 DFMonitor 6th release
October 2016
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What’s new in the DFMonitor 6th release, 2nd half 2016
  • Latest, September 2016, smartphone and mobile broadband plan data caps and prices from 135 operators and 57 MVNOs in EU28 & OECD are now public on DFMonitor.eu
Unlimited mobile data is back – Context and analysis
  • Which are the 29 operators that sell unlimited mobile data? Are prices affordable and what restrictions apply?
  • How many gigabytes €30 buys across EU28 & OECD markets?
Spectrum usage MB/year/MHz/pop per country (2015) and operator (2015 and 2Q2016)
  • Total mobile data volume per country (2015) and per operator (2015 & 2Q2016)
  • Monthly mobile data usage per capita (countries) and per SIM (operators)
Mobile-first – Context and analysis
  • Which are the 42 mobile-centric operators that put mobile first (rather than executing a fixed-mobile strategy)?
  • Do mobile-centric operators sell for the same price much higher data caps than fixed-centric operators?
  • Do mobile-centric operators have much higher spectrum usage than fixed-centric operators?
List of over hundred zero-rated video and other apps in EU28 & OECD countries
  • Which are the 35 operators that zero-rate or apply a differential price to selected video apps?
  • Which are the 59 operators that zero-rate or apply a differential price to selected apps?
  • Do operators that zero-rate video sell for the same price much lower data caps than operators that do not?
  • Do operators that zero-rate video have much lower spectrum usage than operators that do not?
List of tariffs in EU28 where tethering/hotspot functionality is blocked or restricted
  • Which operators and MVNOs block or restrict tethering/hotspot functionality in smartphone plans?
European Commission proposed wholesale data roaming cap of €8.5/GB compared to domestic retail gigabyte prices across EU28 markets
  • Why the artificially high wholesale cap of €8.5/GB proposed by the Commission has little to do with real costs
  • Why the reverse engineered wholeale cap of €8.5/GB will penalize North-Eastern operators with large data caps and competitive low prices while protecting South-Western operators' cartel-like roaming and domestic margins
  • Will European consumers be able to use their domestic large (>5-10 gigabytes) or unlimited data volume plans or their zero-rated video applications and services when they roam abroad in a non-affiliated mobile network?
NOTE: Part of metrics are available in the DFMonitor-PRO Spreadsheet only.
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