Mobile data pricing, spectrum, technology and network economics research reports for industry professionals
DFMonitor-PRO is a subscription service for industry professionals who want to get one step ahead by gaining deeper understanding of 4G and 5G network economics and the key trends and drivers beneath the rapidly changing mobile data markets.

DFMonitor-PRO's metrics and research reports are compiled by Rewheel's senior management consultants that advise European mobile operators, regulatory authorities and investors on pricing, spectrum and network economics and strategic aspects of mobile data.

Our -PRO research reports and master spreadsheets by now have become valuble resources for leading tier-1 global telco groups, regulators, Big 3 management consultancies, global internet services companies.

Typical contexts where our -PRO reports and spreadsheets add signifiant value to our clients have been: pricing (e.g. unlimited), fixed-to-mobile-broadband subsitution (spectrum and network economics aspects), mergers (e.g. remedies), MVNO wholesale deals, spectrum auctions, policy (e.g. net neutrality, roaming).

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Subscribers of the DFMonitor-PRO service gain access to over 60 client-only research notes dating back to 2010 (Rewheel's clients-only reports until 2014, followed by DFMonitor reports). New notes and reports are published almost every month.

Our service covers a wide variety of hot industry topics such as network economics, mobile-centric versus fixed-centric business models, small cells, massive MIMO, spectrum, mobile internet access data caps and pricing trends, vertical business models and price discrimination practices (i.e. zero-rating), spectrum and mobile data usage developments, mergers, merger remedies, network sharing, data-centric MVNOs and wholesale pricing models.

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The DFMonitor-PRO Spreadsheet tool includes tariff details of 1,692 smartphone and mobile broadband (data-only) plans that were sold during April 2017 in EU28 & OECD markets by 137 operators and 65 MVNOs, the latest reported subscriber numbers per operator, historic country and operator mobile data reported volumes, zero-rated or differential priced applications per operator, operator spectrum holdings per band, country assigned spectrum per band and many other relevant metrics.

DFMonitor-PRO Spreadsheet users can use the excel tool to carry out in-depth EUR basket, GB basket, fully allocated GB and incremental GB pricing analysis. Users can define any EUR or gigabyte basket, select the type of brands to include in the comparison (operator main and/or sub-brands and/or MVNOs) and select to exclude from the comparison smartphone plans where tethering/hotspot functionality is restricted or mobile broadband plans where mobility is restricted (stationary-only or home use only). Furthermore, users can filter tariffs by maximum speed, minimum included minutes/SMSs (1,000 versus unlimited).

The DFMonitor-PRO spreadsheets are available for the first (1H) and second half (2H) of each year following the release schedule of the bi-annual major DFMonitor updates. The latest available DFMonitor-PRO Spreadsheet contains the full data set of the 1st half 2017 DFMonitor 7th release (April 2017 prices).

Terms and conditions

The market is changing. Europe's — and in fact the world's — most progressive mobile data-centric operators and regulators are our clients already. Could DFMonitor's mobile data competitiveness metrics and network economics insights add meaningful value also to your organisation? You can place your order or request a free sample DFMonitor-PRO research report by contacting us.

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Client profiles
Our mobile data-centric consultancy Rewheel was established in 2009 and we launched the DFMonitor service early 2014. DFMonitor's launch was reported by the Finanacial Times (link) and the first client was the UK telecom and media regulator Ofcom. Our clients include mobile operators (among them the most progressive ones in the world in terms of mobile data), global tier-1 telecom groups, individual MVNOs and MVNO groups, telecom regulators, competition authorities, investors (VC and other), global internet services companies, video streaming service companies, "Big3" management consulting firms and various players of the digital economy and mobile cloud and IoT ecosystem in Europe and the US.

Below we listed the profiles of some Rewheel (since 2009) and DFMonitor (since March 2014) customers
Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority

Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries

Indostrifonden, Swedish government investment foundation

Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway Germany
Commission for Communications Regulation

National Media and Infocommunications Authority Hungary

Nordic market leader convergent operator group

ETNO member
Western European mobile-only operation of a global fixed-line incumbent telecom group

ETNO member
Western European mobile-only number 4 challenger

Mobile Challengers member
Western European mobile-only operator belonging to an incumbent EU telecom group

ECTA member
Western European mobile-only operator belonging to an incumbent EU telecom group

ETNO member
Western European market leader mobile-only operator
Central Eastern European independent mobile-only challenger

ECTA member
Central Eastern European mobile-only operation of a global telecom group

ECTA member
Central Eastern European market leader mobile operator of a regional telecom group

ETNO member
Southern European nr. 3 convergent operator

ECTA member
Eastern European mobile-only operator of a global telecom group

ETNO member
Eastern European progressive mobile data-only challenger
Central Eastern European investors of a new entrant mobile-only operator
a leading global investment bank
Mobile data infrastructure vendor
A leading European MVNO group
Top global video streaming service provider
Global internet services company
Big 3 management consultancy
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Our 4G pricing, spectrum, technology and network economics insights and research reports are often cited by the internaional media.

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